A-BIL work with all clients that need technical help to select and manage the best ICT solutions and provide to them the comprehensive ICT business plan, consultation for their entire business or specific unit in their business.

We reduce the workload and stress associated with making important decisions about current and future ICT requirements by working closely with you and your staff so we really understand your business and need.

Our independence and knowledge of the ICT mean that we can identify high-quality ICT solutions and provide a tactical solutions on behalf while leaving you with ample knowledge of the best use of data and information for the business continuity.

Our Main Services includes

  • Data collections and data analysis using statistical software packages

  • Bulk and moderate electronic data entry

  • Software, Database and Web sites development and deployment

  • Monitoring, evaluations, and research

  • ICT Strategies & Planning

  • Provide expert knowledge of the use of ICT for Business (ICT4B)

  • ICT Projects and Service Management

  • Laptop hiring and research training

  • Computer  & Data Management training (general and specified user needs)

  • Data restorations and backups

  • Transformation of paper-based systems to digital format

  • Transforming sound to a text document (English and Swahili)

  • Secretarial Services including, document typing, formatting, bulk photocopying, printing and general supplies of office stationery and computer consumables.


We also receive a special request for work relating to our customer's needs.

We Welcome business partnerships that cover our scope of work.


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